Thank you for showing an interest in Norfolk and Suffolk 4×4 Response.

We provide support to a number of events and services throughout the year that require 4×4 capabilities, so there is always plenty to get involved with. Duties can vary from light road-based driving to assist Search and Rescue team transport all the way up to more complex off-road driving for specialist events. We provide guidance and training to help you select the right equipment for your vehicle and to get the most out of it. For those who do not own a 4×4 or do not wish to drive but still want to get involved, the Support membership role allows people to still contribute with fundraising, administration, controller duties, and assisting the drivers at events being just a few examples.

If you are interested in joining us, then please download a membership form below. The declaration at the end can be signed electronically by typing your signature.

Once you have completed the form, please email it to

Because of the sensitive nature of our tasks, we must ask for all potential members to undertake a DBS check to follow national guidance.

This is an additional cost to yourself of £12, but of course you will obtain your own copy of the DBS check.

Upon receipt of your membership application, the committee will discuss your application. Once it is approved, you will be contacted by our Training Officer to arrange your driving assessment. The Driver assessment is to check you and your vehicle are safe on and off the road and to give you tuition to prepare you for the duties you may be involved in. This is NOT an exam.

On completion of your assessment, we will ask you to provide a passport style photograph of yourself and pay the appropriate membership fee, £15 for drivers and £10 for support members.

If a driver, this initially provides you with stickers for the front and rear of your vehicle, a member’s handbook, branded hi-vis vest and ID card.

You will be provided with bank details for payment upon completion of your assessment. If you wish to drive for 4×4 Response there is a driver assessment that needs to take place before you can go on the active callout register or get involved with events. This is just to check you and your vehicle are safe on and off the road and give you tuition to prepare you for the duties you may be involved with. It is not an ‘exam’. We will keep in touch with you to arrange this. There is then an advanced assessment to help upskill you for more adverse driving conditions. First Aid courses and other training is also offered.

If you have any problems filling in your membership form and require assistance or have any queries please do contact us at

Once your application form has been received we will contact you to provide further instructions.


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